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Here are some of the projects we have worked on in the last three years, enabling film and TV production companies from all over the world to get their projects delivered efficiently and economically.
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BBC2’s Camino, The Road to Santiago kept us busy for several months. From initial research to running the transport team, it was a demanding job that took us on an epic trek of 2000kms of French and Spanish countryside. Thanks to speaking both French and Spanish, I was able to take care of things on both sides of the border.
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We serviced this TV commercial and stills shoot for the major British label Firetrap campaign. Shot on location on the Costa del Sol, we sourced bikers and bikes, and full location and technical support for The Gate Films from Manchester. From the sun parched countryside only minutes from the Costa's
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Gifi is one of France’s largest household retailer. For their summer garden furniture campaign they chose the Costa del Sol in February. Despite raging gales, rainstorms, major flooding and less than ideal temperatures, we dodged the weather to turn in four full days of shooting that looked like the desired summertime. We provided full location and production support for this series of four TV commercials.
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Endemol Shine produced two reality shows for Fox Scandinavia. We sourced extensive activities and participants, we actually had to source a dwarf gangster to trash the telemarketers office, with 48 hours notice. We found him and he played his part to a tee. Additionally we actually managed to get permission to film within a local police station, which was a first, given the actual legal prohibitions about filming the police in spain!
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This high budget Poker Stars reality show filmed for 3 months in Marbella. We sourced all local crew, suppliers, and arranged incoming participants and activities including tree parks, horse riding, bridge jumping, various extreme sports, flamenco dancers and in true reality show style, a poker table with snakes, rodents and various vermin and some grotesque cuisine including fish-eye bloody marys. It helps that I speak French…

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Carpe Diem, a UK based digital agency used us to produce this internet commercial for Asics. We took care of location scouting, permits, road and traffic closures, sourced a quad for steadicam. When the budget didn’t extend to casting, I dropped in to perform the role of company boss in one scene. True multi-tasking.
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This extensive gastronomic odyssey took me 13,000 kms, twice around Spain. During which time I worked on B roll camera plus extensive fixing, driving and translation duties. It allowed me to sample the very best of Spain’s cuisine.
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Antena produced a fascinating hour long bio-documentary of Welsh musician Aaron Elias. I sourced permits and participants, recording studios and located a double bass for rent even. I shot B camera on all live performances and for GVs.
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The BBC’s much watched travel show visited Andalucia for 3 separate reports for which we sources participants, permits and provided on location support and translation.
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Extensive location and permits were sourced based on the brief from the Australian production company, for a three week Andalucian odyssey of this top rated Ozzy cooking show
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Series 7 of the Real Hustle was filmed on the Costa del Sol where we undertook the tricky business of signing up various businesses and traders as participants. We negotiated and permitted a whole range of private and public locations, and accessed all kinds of strange vantage points for the hidden camera set-ups that make this show so effective.
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For the upcoming documentary 'The River Flows West' we sorted permits and access to key monuments like the Cordoba Mosque and The Alhambra, as well as sourcing academic participants and providing instant translation during the various in-depth interviews.
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Thanks to our experience with the Real Hustle, Outline Productions asked us to help them set-up locations and vantage points as well as a bevvy of talented local actors for the scams featured in this hard hitting consumer programme. And Matt Albright sings a mean Karaoke...
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We played a key role in this ground breaking and unprecedentedly successful live viral for the top player in the viral game, The Viral Factory. The brief wasn't easy: to find a wilderness with a telephone box in the middle of it, and then to rig up a webcam link live 24/7 while our volunteer 'Wilderness Man', actor Rob Cavazos camped next to it to see who might call him. The Viral Factory set up a website where over 1.250,000 people watched Rob live over 10 days talking to people from over 120 different countries worldwide, most of them calling for free over Skype, which was the object of the viral, to promote Skype calls to land lines, but not necessarily remote public phone boxes! Despite Wilderness Man's huge on-line popularity, no-one managed to locate us, and the viral stayed live for its full 10 days, with no technical hitches. Despite a last day dramatic location change before launch, we pulled it off and gave a huge lift to Skype's profile online.
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When Jamie Oliver's Fresh One Productions descended on Andalucia we were on hand to help with translating off camera between Jamie and the world champion ham cutters of Ronda, and with the local chef's who helped Jamie feed 500 in one village from the gigantic paella.
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Summer party season in Marbella was the setting for one of Maverick Television's MTV productions, the renowned rich girls party reality show. We scouted and sourced locations and participants, and supplied local sound recordists, lighting hire and bi-lingual drivers.
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The location for the desert wilderness of the American wild west was located in that perennial location wonderland, the Tabernas desert in South Eastern Spain. Despite even the most usually barren locations being full of lush meadows of daisies and poppies after a freak wet winter in the desert, we still came up with the goods for some classic shots of desert looks, only available in this dessicated corner of Almeria. Produced by Fold 7 of London, the TV commercial can be seen here.
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While the snow lay 40cms deep in Stuttgart, we located a stunning villa with the perfect grass lawn in the dead of winter, to produce a glorious European summer's day, complete with the latest range of battery powered garden tools from Bosch. It was February, and despite some inclement Spanish weather the finished films look every bit like a lush summer's day somewhere in northern Europe. Made for V4 Media of Stuttgart, there were three corporate product films shot in a tight 2.5 day schedule with a full crew on Sony HD cameras.
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Fame from Faith is a documentary that charted famous footballers with professed religious faith. We secured permits and contributors in Seville and Cordoba and conducted extensive interviews with religious figures, professional footballers, fans and historians. The documentary was aired in South African prime time TV just before the World Cup.
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Searching for the perfect wheat field in late July in Spain isn't easy, when you need to get a 6 metre crane arm into the middle of it just before harvest time. Only the cooler hills high up in Serrania of Ronda still had anything unharvested at this late stage. We shot a long series of plate shots of rolling golden wheat. Apart from the heat, the crew from Munich had to endure Germany's loss to Spain in the Euro Cup the night before. The plates formed backgrounds for Fiction Films' particular spectacular brand of motion graphics for Siemens product films.