Spain is the country with the third highest kilometres of motorway in the world, with 15,000kms. The other 660,000kms of road are where it gets really interesting. Filming on roads in Spain is not hard, but it takes planning, and time for the permits to go through the various departments involved. Spain’s roads take you through a huge variety of landscapes. Perfect for car shoots, road movies, photo shoots, and music videos, and they are easy to work on, frequently empty and just go on and on. A permit to shoot on a road is obligatory, and we will inform you of all the issues pertaining to getting the right filming clearance. So remember, for filming on roads in Spain, scout it, plan it, all in good time.


Roads in Spain have a hierarchy of control. The national government runs the motorways, but the regional traffic authority is the responsible body, even for motorways. For trunk roads, that is also under the banner of the regional government. You will require the cooperation of the traffic department of the Guardia Civil to shoot, and be expected to pay for their time. Local urban and country roads are usually the responsibility of the provinces within the region. Small residential and urban roads will belong to the local municipality. For permitting you simply have to be very clear, to the exact kilometre or less, of where you want to shoot, when, how, and be prepared to supply your own crew for traffic management and closure. You will still work under the watchful eye of traffic police or local police.


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