Spain’s landscapes encompass a rich variety of possibilities. At times verdant and tropical, alpine and pastoral, you can also find desolation, drama and epic vistas. No wonder directors the world over have made tracks to Spain for decades. It’s still a big empty country with unsurpassed beauty. Filming in Spain has a long, impressive history.


The regional and seasonal variations are immense. The Atlantic north west is lush and pastoral in the summer, but bare and rainy in the winter. The south and east bake in torrid heat in the summer, but winters are balmy and moderate, with up to ten hours of daylight and temperatures of 28ºC on fine sunny days. Indeed you can ski in the sierras and swim in the sea, all in the same day. Spring brings rich meadows, flowers in abundance, and fabulous clear light.


There are various levels of protection environmentally. A national park is the highest level, and permits are essential. There are natural parks in abundance, which also require permitting. When no protection is in place you will nonetheless require the permission of the owner. Fire restrictions are stringent, and in force from early April to late October. During this time naked flames, and fire in general are totally prohibited with severe fines and punishment likely for breaches. Many areas are closed to motorised vehicles even. So a fire on the beach, or up in the woods, while it might be picturesque, can land you in deep trouble. If you do get a permit for a fire, you will find yourself paying for a full contingent of standby firefighters. So in summer, in Spain, forget the flames.



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