The desert film locations in Spain are Europe’s only bona-fide deserts, as Sergio Leone and David Lean would happily tell you. Whether the cowboy country of Almeria, the barren ranges of Navarra or the volcanic wastes of the Canary Islands, you have wonderful evocative landscapes of arid, dramatic and epic scale, unique in continental Europe. Ownership varies, as many are protected environmental spaces, but it is rare that a filming project falls outside the permit possibilities.


Andalucia is a region almost the size of England. The intense summer heat renders large swathes of Granada and Malaga province to a desert like aspect for several months of the year. Several spectacular open cast iron mines also offer dramatic and graphic locations with a desert feel. These photos of desert landscapes cover a wide variety of areas mostly in southern Spain. The Bardenas Reales in Navarre and the Monegros desert in Zaragoza are well shot locations in the north of Spain which are desert like in the summer heat. Large ares of Murcia, adjacent to Almeria, also offer many options. Altogether this incredible variety of landscapes make the desert film locations of Spain some of the world’s most filmed locations. And all generally speaking within easy reach of hotels, airports and civilisation in general. Note that the seasons have a direct impact on the appearance of the landscape.  A wet winter will produce intense flowers and green meadows for a few weeks, even in the most barren corners of the country.


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